EX-P0407 - Brain Pod, zero carbon print house


In EX-P047, excessive environmental management causes bizarre consequences for humanity. The speculation is that in current trajectory by year 2050, population will exceed 9 billion. But these statistics underscores actual impact of overpopulation. The statistics may reflect number of humans  living at the moment but not accounting ones who  are perpetually being born into and  those who are dying. During 20th century in span of one hundred years over 11billion have lived and died, twice as much people in comparison to census 2000 data. EX-P0407 visualizes  brutal consequence of overpopulation mitigated by aggressive intervention of technology.


Emission trading began as a market based incentive in order to control harmful pollutant in atmosphere but eventually it became a commodity and exchange at financial market.  To make this situation more perplexing, the estimated carbon dioxide and methane gas emission during life cycle of a person were converted and translated in way of tax credit. Since then speculative trading in carbon credit has become another investment vehicle. Subsequently, financially bankrupt or jurisdictionally condemned, were hermetically concealed in a life sustaining semi-cryonic device so will not emit pollutant into air.  A heat exchange unit keeps fluid in pod cool. oxygen and other life sustaining nutrients and molecules are supplied via pre-existing artery system that are pumped by artificial heart. Mechanical interface suppose to mitigate external reality  but whether experience is true or fabricated remain matter of a opinion. Its estimated that 10% of world population are encapsulated in the pod.