EX-P1109 - Bio-Mechanical Robot Replicating


In science fiction film Fanatic Voyage, team of scientist  traveled through intercellular space on board submersible in attempt to cure the comatose patient. The plot is based on technology that allows matter to miniaturize by shrinking individual atoms. Today micro-robot assembled from nano-parts to treat medical condition is well within probability rather than a fantasy. And its anticipated that  lives from bottom up. However the fear that toxic consequence of atomic intervention could lead to catastrophe is prevalent. Foresight Institute has recommended regulating its commercial use. Prince Charles and Royal Society investigated it and called it “enormous environmental and social risk” and expressed apprehension for open development of this technology. Beside from the of the world scenario with nano technology. In book “Engines of Creation” he postulated possibility for self-replicating nano robots with exponential growth that end up consuming all matter on earth. When advanced biomechanics is combined with nano scale production, it is likely that machine will evolve to assemble itself. Atomically constructed molecular machine that copy itself will blur theshold that divides life from artificial.


Premise of experiments in EX-P1109 is nano effect on biomechanics; from organization of clusters made of swarm of nano-robots, design of macro factory that manufactures nano product to engineering of individual biomechanics devices. it envisions construction of life-like machine assembled from molecular parts such as carbon allotropes and atomically engineered tissue.