There were boulders and debris, not much more.

Continents wrestled with oceans, and created mountains.

Hills and rivers met, and canyons were deepened.

Scattered, I lived in millenniums of solitude without anticipation.

Time was not yet invented.


Then, you came along.

Suddenly form was delineated and defined, voids were filled.

Light and dark appeared with a thousand shades of gray in between.

A clock began to tick, reason and purpose prevailed.

Strengthened by knowledge, I prospered with you.

Towers rose high, and painters filled walls.

Poets scratched their wounds, and musicians scored time.

Scholars bestowed knowledge until all shelfs were full.


Emancipated, I tasted the sweet bitterness of being free.

The cesspool of humanity saturated with the stench of disillusion and deception.

Each dream fulfilled, there was irony and paradox that went wrong.

So much for the heroes, they all ended up deceiving you.

Hungry and eager for what one can’t have.

Greed and envy feeding egos, a never ending masquerade.

Devouring and raping every innocence in sight.

Spitting, regurgitating, and shitting everywhere as you went along.


Despite all that, everyday marked the beginning of something new.

Splendor of a cathedral shimmering in light, a building of ‘colossal pretension’.

Supported by everyone who lost their identity.

But deep in the night, taverns were full.

Since confused madness was necessary diversion for all who sought truth.

Yet redemption never came.


Off of the walls I still hear echoes of your steps, laughter and screams.

A slight curve and sheen where you had touched,

remain the memories that tie us for eternity.

Although I believe our union is forever, I am crumbling slowly,

abandoned, as memories of us fade.

I am retuning to time before our time,

slipping back into the terrestrial repetition.