Modern science, politics and economics have granted us an extraordinary capacity to abstract, understand, and tame the concrete realities of life. At the same time, this abstraction leaves us with a troubling sense of rootlessness and alienation. In metropolitan experience, this anxiety is intensified still further by the de-individualizing pressures of mass culture.


UL-9205 is a compact and autonomous Urban Survival Apparatus that shelters its occupant and provides him or her with physical and spiritual respite from the modern world. It is a Zero Anxiety space. UL-9205 harbors experiences that are intended to restore the occupant's own individuality.


UL-9205 can be easily transported and installed. With a footprint of only 60 sq.-ft. it fits easily into tight spaces. No site assembly is required. To ensure the individual's isolation and autonomy, UL-9205 is clad with welded steel panels and designed to be as self-sustaining as possible. There is absolutely no infiltration of air or noise from the outside world.